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Welcome to the Akropolis wiki

What is Akropolis

Akropolis is a provider of decentralized finance products with an emphasis on asset yield generation. Our mission is to give users (both new and crypto-native) the tools to save, grow and provision for the future safely, with access to a variety of non-fiat and non-inflationary assets, without dependence on geography or central counterparty. To do this, Akropolis offers an easy-to-use yield aggregator product featuring curated best-in-class yield generation strategies from various protocols across DeFi, as well as developing our own yield-generation strategies on multiple chains.

Using the Akropolis dApp, users can:

  • Easily onboard into DeFi from their traditional bank accounts via Dharma and Ramp Network.

  • Calculate and compare annual percent yield (APY) of various assets across top DeFi yield generating strategies such as Yearn Finance Vaults.

  • Easily see their balance, average APY, and yield earned.

  • Deposit and withdraw assets and claim yield rewards all in one place.

  • Use dollar-cost averaging to enter positions/strategies (coming soon)

  • Stake their $AKRO tokens for liquidity mining rewards and protocol revenue share (coming soon).

  • Participate in Akropolis protocol governance via Snapshot.

In this way, Akropolis acts as a one-stop-shop for decentralized savings and high-yield accounts. We believe that our products and services will enable retail and institutional clients alike to quickly and easily onboard into decentralized finance.

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