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Akropolis Quest 101

4 steps of the Quest

1. The Question

Each round will begin with an email which includes an interesting question or statement to discuss. Please share detailed answers and thoughts, and remember that plagiarism won't be counted as a genuine answer. You will need to answer it in the Akropolis Telegram Chatroom. Everyone will have 3 hours to complete the task.

P.S. Best answers will receive additional points for their submissions 👀

Participants who successfully complete Step 1 can proceed to our platform where all other steps take place. Remember - next steps are speedy ones, so get your fingers ready and google as fast as possible! To unlock the platform, you will need to input the password that we will share in our chatroom.

2. The Quiz

The Quiz will challenge your knowledge of Akropolis, Blockchain and many other things in the crypto space. To proceed to Step 3, you will need to pass it and input the password on the platform.

3. The Puzzle

The next step will be a puzzle - try your knowledge, solve it and input password to proceed to Step 4.

Participants who successfully pass all the previous steps will move onto the last step. You will see a question and a hint that will help you find the answer. Once the answer is found, you should input it as a final password on the platform.

The first 40 participants who report the correct answer will receive a prize.

Additional activities

Apart from quest, we have additional activities that you can participate in.

Deadline for sumbissions is July 31st, 2019. Please fill this form.

Flash quizzes

Between quest rounds, we will be conducting flash quizzes in our chatroom - the first person to answer correctly to the questions wins 10 points. Questions are posted at a random time, so don't forget to put notifications on!


Your welcome to write an article about our community intiative and Akropolis in general - 10 best pieces will be rewarded, so put quality before everything else.


For those with a flair for video making & editing - create a video about Akropolis (for themes ping @Sidzuka in Telegram), top 5 videos will be rewarded 🙂

Stickers & GIFs

Creative expression takes different forms, with stickers & GIFs as the most popular ones in crypto community. Use your imagination!

Marketing Research & Feedback

Each round, we will be conducting a small marketing research - simply fill up the form and you're good to go! (100 people max per round) Alongside with marketing research, you are welcome to fill the feedback form about each round - 10 best feedbacks will be rewarded.

Quest Recaps

Make a full recap of the quest round - questions, answers, what you liked the most - and compete to win the prize!

Find and Decode

Throughout the quest, we will be hiding a part of the code in some places connected to Akropolis. The first person who will be able to find all pieces and decode the word will win.