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Contract address - 0x94d863173ee77439e4292284ff13fad54b3ba182

Symbol - ADEL

Decimals - 18

Supply - 30,000,000

Token Release Schedule

Circulating supply (on 24.09.2020):    6,008,123

Please check this spreadsheet for the token release schedule.

ADEL Tokenomic

Tokenomics are evolving and subject to change

Token Utility

Product-level governance for Delphi users and contributors, e.g:

  • Further protocol integrations

  • What assets/pools to whitelist

  • Discount on fees

  • Inflation/Deflation

In order to govern Delphi, AKRO tokenholders need to have both AKRO & ADEL, to ensure their interests are fairly represented.

Value accrual

Value accrual through claim on Delphi fees and utility, not inflation;

ADEL accrues value and is charged with product-specific governance;

ADEL stakers have a major entitlement to Delphi economics (20% AKRO/80%ADEL) (subject to change):

  • Exit/entry fees

  • Performance fees

  • Exchange referral fees

Sources of Interest

(Potential) Initial sources of yield or gains, more to be added:

  • Supply interest from Compound/AAVE/dYdX/bZx

  • Trading fees from Curve, Balancer, Uniswap

  • CRV, BAL, COMP, SNX, REN etc token mining

  • yearn protocol fee (COMP, LEND, etc.)*

How can I get it?

  • Earn by providing liquidity (stablecoins, AKRO or other tokens) to Delphi;

  • Earn by participating in Delphi product governance, i.e. voting and creating proposals that pass;