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Token Details


Contract address - 0x8ab7404063ec4dbcfd4598215992dc3f8ec853d7

Symbol - AKRO

Decimals - 18

Supply - 4,000,000,000

Token Release Schedule

460,000,000 AKRO (11.5% of total token supply) were released upon listing on Huobi Global (8% - Huobi Prime Offering, 3.5% - Foundation).

Circulating supply (on 16.08.2020):    1,992,500,000.00

Please check this spreadsheet for the full version of the token release schedule, with all the relevant links to smart contracts etc.

AKRO Tokenomics

Tokenomics are evolving and subject to change

Token Utility

Protocol-level governance tied to managing an overall suite of DeFi products built on Akropolis. Product roadmap includes:

  • Sparta: Lending+Community Bank

  • Delphi: DCA/Savings/Investments

  • Stealth: Fixed-rate perp bonds, “lock in your crypto and get 7.5% backed by real-world assets”;

AKRO tokenholders accrue value from a claim on fees, staking rewards and better AKRO liquidity on DEXes;

Value Accrual

Value accrual through claim on Akropolis fees and utility, not inflation;

AKRO maintains entitlement to Delphi economics (20% AKRO/80%ADEL);

Ability to control the economics and all key parameters of the entire protocol incl. future fees. Potential future fees include:

  • Exit-entry fees;

  • Performance/improvement fees;

  • Exchange referral fees;

  • Lending Fees;

  • Spread on future yield products;

  • No platform fees (fork risk);

AKRO holders have a pro-rata share of ADEL to align incentives, but for max reward they will need to earn ADEL;

Sources of interest

(Potential) Initial sources of yield or gains, more to be added:

  • Supply interest from Compound/AAVE/dYdX/bZx;

  • Trading fees from Curve, Balancer, Uniswap;

  • CRV, BAL, COMP, SNX, REN etc token mining;

  • yearn protocol fee (COMP, LEND, etc.)*;

How can I get it?

  • Buy on exchanges;

  • Earn by providing liquidity to products built on AkropolisOS;

  • If you already hold AKRO, you can stake it to get ADEL;