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ERC20 Ethereum <-> Parity Substrate Bridge

Ethereum <-> Parity Substrate Blockchain bridge for self transfers of ERC20 representation.

Github repo is here.

You can try it out in our chain:

  1. Make sure you have Ethereum and Substrate extensions. Typical choices would be:
    a. Metamask (or any other Ethereum extension) and switch it to Kovan
    b. polkadot{.js}
  2. Go here
  3. Connect with both extensions(two pop-up windows should appear)
  4. You will see that your balances from extensions should appear on the page.
  5. Transfer some Kovan test DAI to our Substrate-based chain.
  6. Transfer some DAI from our chain to your Ethereum account.

It should be pretty obvious from this point. If you hit any problems, please feel free to file an issue!

    cd ./frontend <br/>
    npm i <br/>
    npm run codegen <br/>
    npm run dev <br/>