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Akropolis Governance FAQ

What can I signal my vote on?

  • Akropolis product features and integrations

  • Akropolis fees

  • Propose new Vault strategy

  • Propose Vault strategy selection / creation framework

How do I vote?

  • Go to the Akropolis space space on Snapshot (you can do it through Governance tab on Akropolis app);

  • Click on “Connect wallet” button in top right corner;

  • Connect to wallet which you use for staking AKRO;

  • Click on the option you want to vote for;

  • Sign the message via your wallet and done.

  • Voting will be open for 3 days or 72 hours, so if it opens on Wed 1300CET, it will close on Friday 1300CET (approximately, as closing time is set by the block number).


  • All proposals should first be discussed over the governance forum. That would give all governance participants an ability to understand all pros & cons before voting.

  • After initial discussion is completed & community agree that it should be officially voted on - team or community members can post it on Snapshot page for voting. And as it’s off-chain voting, it does not require any gas fees :)

  • After voting is completed & proposal reaches quorum, we will add it to our development pipeline.

How Snapshot works?

  • Creating a proposal and voting is free - no actual transaction required, only sign.

  • How to create a proposal? Please check Snapshot docs.

  • Proposals and votes are just signed messages stored on IPFS.

  • Signatures are easily verifiable online - they use the "eth_sign" format

Who can create or vote on proposals?

  • Only AKRO stakers can create or vote for proposals. This way we ensure that only active users have a say in Akropolis Governance.

  • 1 AKRO staked is 1 voteThere is a minimum of 25M AKRO locked in staking to create a proposal on Snapshot.

  • There is no minimum for voting.