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Community Quest Points & Rewards System

Points: What are they?

The Akropolis Community Quest (ACQ) uses a points system to accurately assign rewards to active participants of our community venture. Points are earned for actions you take during the quest (e.g. solving the challenging puzzles, creating amazing content and adding value to the community by other means). Points rate in dollars is 1 point = 1 USD in AKT. A minimum of 150 points is required for successful conversion of ACQ points to AKT. Lesser amounts can only be redeemed for bonuses (check below for more info!).

Where can I see how much points I earned?

We created a special bot for you - the almighty Akrobot! Simply start it to see some magic! :)
We will be updating amount of points everyday, after 6 PM UTC.

P.S. You need to have a TG handle (starting with @) to check check the amount of points you earned.


Rewards in ACQ are classified into 3 categories: Round Rewards, Activity Rewards and Bonus Rewards.

Round Rewards:

For the third installment of the Akropolis Community Quest, there are a total of 6 rounds that our community can participate in and avail a chance to win a total of 54,000 points. Each round comprises of rewards that amount to 9000 Points. A total of 40 winners will be awarded in every round. Each winner will be rewarded in points, distributed as follows:

1st place
800 Points
2nd place 700 Points
3rd place 600 Points
4th place 500 Points
5th place 400 Points
6-10th places 300 Points each, 1,500 Points in total
11-20th places 200 Points each, 2000 Points in total
21-30th places 150 Points each, 1,500 Points in total
31-40th places 100 Points each, 1000 Points in total

Flash Quizzes:

Akropolis will conduct quizzes in between rounds where a total of 1000 Points are up for grabs by those with quick wits about them. Each question carries 10 Points, there are no negatives for a wrong answer.

In addition to quest completion winnings, points will be awarded to those who participate in market research pertaining to the subject of the round. Successful submission of your research will gain you 10 Points each. No more than 100 researches will be rewarded each round.

Activity Rewards

Participation in the Akropolis Community can be rewarded for more than just playing and winning the quest. Activities carried out by community members leading up to and during the quest will also be awarded. A cumulative of 39,000 Points is available on the table for those who exhibit their creative flair in the ways described below. Deadline for sumbissions is July 31st, 2019. Please fill this form.

Articles: 10 well thought out articles submitted leading up to, during, and after the quest (until a set date) will be rewarded a total of 2,750 Points, distributed as follows:

1st place
500 Points
2nd place 450 Points
3rd place 400 Points
4th place 350 Points
5th place 300 Points
6th place 250 Points
7th place 200 Points
8th place 150 Points
9th place 100 Points
10th place 50 Points

Videos: For those with a flair for video making & editing, 5 submissions of suggested topics will be rewarded a total of 4,000 Points, distributed as follows:

1st place
1000 Points
2nd place 900 Points
3rd place 800 Points
4th place 700 Points
5th place 600 Points

Stickers: Creative expression takes different forms, and stickers are one of the best. 300 Points will be distributed between 3 people that exhibit the best sticker creation abilities:

1st place
150 Points
2nd place 100 Points
3rd place 50 Points

GIFs: What better than GIFs to capture mood and expression of the moment? 450 Points are reserved for those with best submissions in this category:

1st place
200 Points
2nd place 150 Points
3rd place 100 Points

Quest Recaps: One quest recap article will be rewarded 50 Points each round with a total reward of 300 Points to be earned spanning 6 rounds.

Feedbacks: Fill a "round feedback" form and receive 10 Points each. Feedback forms will be open for every round. Detailed and helpful submissions are expected: i.e. oversimplified answers like 'good round' or 'tasks were hard' will not qualify.

Testing: you will be able to test the quest platform before launch of the quest and receive 10 Points. No more than 100 testers can participate.

Custom: 50 Points will be awarded to those submissions that we find particularly well done for Task 1 of each round.

Bonus Rewards


In addition to the above-mentioned prizes, special goodies will be given to those that show their love and support in our community.

Find and Decode

Each round, part of the code will be hidden in some place connected to Akropolis. The first person who will be able to find all pieces and decode the word will be awarded 1000 Points.

Bonuses & Key Takeaways

1 ACQ Point = 1 USD
Minimum Redeemable Amount for AKT: 150 ACQ Points
100 Points: Merchandise Pack
10 Points: Postcard with a hand-written message from your favorite team member