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Special Round Answers

Traditional Finance

1. Which of the following exchanges has the highest market cap?

Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Spanish Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange

2. Which of the following is usually considered to be the safest asset?

US Treasury notes
Venezuela Government bonds
Tesla stocks
Real estate

3. Who is the author of the neoclassical economic text, which was written during American Great Depression and describing unemployment problem? This text and ideas were popularized later in 1940s.

John Maynard Keynes
Irving Fisher
Wassily Leontief
Milton Friedman

4. The SEC was established during this US President term:

Franklin Roosevelt
Ulysses Grant
Woodrow Wilson
John Kennedy

5. This ruler of Britain gave the right to monopoly on the trade of the East India Company throughout the East Indies in XVII century:

Elizabeth I
Edward VI
Henry VIII
Mary I

6. The Currency Transaction Report requires financial institutions in the US to report currency transactions and cash deposits equal or above this amount:



1. An index to compare purchasing power in different countries is named after a certain product. In which town this product debuted? Uniontown (big mac index)
2. What hashtag was quite trendy in 2011-2012 and became a common name for a movement against financial inequality in the US? Occupywallstreet
3. A founder of respected Wall Street firm which turned to be a huge Ponzi operation, was sentenced to 150 years in prison in 2009. What is his last name? Madoff
4. The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ first name? Brandon
5. According to a historical anecdote, the most evident symptom that the 1920-s bull run on US stock market is almost finished, was an investment tip from this "specialist". shoeshiner
6. Even temperature can become a commodity. “Weather derivatives” appeared in the end of 1990-s and started to be traded on exchange in this city. Chicago
7. This German economist and philosopher wrote the world-famous text in four volumes in XIX century with criticism of existed economic system. This text became fundamental for communistic movement. Which city author was born? Trier
8. A movie that deconstructs the housing bubble of 2008 pictures a New York based hedge fund manager among other major characters. This role was played by a comedian, mostly renowned for his other role in an office-themed TV series. What was the last name of the assistant (to the) regional manager in that TV series? Schrute
9. This economic policy was dominant in Europe in XVI-XVIII century. By this policy, East colonialism was actively developed - one of the main goal was to increase the economy by the large export volume. What is the name of this policy? Mercantilism
10. This New York company provides analytical data, news and also trading platform to traders worldwide. Bloomberg