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Akropolis Polkadot Chain Frontend (active development)


Existing staking mechanism via has developer-centric UX and is very complicated for ordinary users. To simplify UX we want to build Staking portal for AkropolisOSChain users.

Github repo


What is Polkadot Staking Portal?

A simple and intuitive interface and Akropolis browser extension will make the staking process accessible to a wide range of users - you only need an account on Polkadot and Polkadot-js for signing transactions.

What you can do with our staking portal:

  • Check your overall balance and amount of all bonded tokens - as well as check each wallet connected

  • Check the current validators set, their commission, how much is staked for them, etc. and decide whether you want to nominate for them or not.

  • Check and edit stake conditions - add/withdraw funds, edit the list of nominees, stop nominating, redeem funds, etc.

For frontend (in frontend folder)

Install all dependencies

  • npm i install frontend and contracts dependencies

To start locally

  • npm run dev for development environment in watch mode
  • npm run prod for production environment in watch mode

To build locally (see build folder)

  • npm run build:dev for development environment without watch mode
  • npm run build:prod for production environment without watch mode

To start bundle analyzer

  • npm run analyze:dev for development environment
  • npm run analyze:prod for production environment

To start test

  • npm test or npm t for start test, before that you need start network (npm run ganache-cli)

We use

  • [x] polkadot.js/api for interacting with Akropolis Chain
  • [x] Typescript
  • [x] React
  • [x] Redux
  • [x] Redux-saga for side-effects
  • [x] Material-UI