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Core Team


Ana Andria

CEO & Founder

Focus: Product, Strategy, Business Development, Fundraising

Experience: Advisor, Web3 Foundation • Lehman Brothers • University of Oxford

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Ana is an experienced special situations investment professional with a strong interest in decentralization and blockchain. A regulated fund management professional and a board member of a regulated private equity fund, She is an Advisor to the Web3 Foundation, and she has analyzed and transacted over USD3.5bn and advised on over USD300mn of private equity and credit transactions. Ana is a business-builder, team-builder, technology and data obsessive, with particular strength in forensic analysis, seeing efficiencies and optimising processes. She’s passionate about individual empowerment and helping others fulfill their potential.


Kate Kurbanova

Co-Founder, Operations & People

Focus: Operations, Customer Development, Project Management, Data Analytics, Community

Experience: Head of Analytics, Cindicator • MSc Computer Science

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As a second hire in a fintech startup Cindicator that has gone to raise $15mn for its Hybrid Intelligence platform in September 2017, Kate was one of the authors of the Cindicator whitepaper and token model, whilst playing an instrumental role as a community manager in what was one of the most popular organic crowd sales. A testament to this is an ongoing native token support driven purely by a token distribution model and community engagement approach developed by the Cindicator team. As a Head of Analytics, she used her trading experience to develop a suite of research tools and methodologies for a new wave of crypto traders. At Akropolis, she is leading the operations and customer development.


Alex Maz

Technology Lead

Focus: Blockchain Architecture, C#/.NET, Java, Polkadot/Substrate, Product Strategy, Solidity, WASM, Team Management

Experience: Blockchain Developer since 2012 • Open Source contributor • 16 scientific publications • 10 commercial implementations • PhD (cand.) Machine Learning • MSc Applied Maths & Computer Science

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Blockchain engineer, educator and a co-founder of St.Petersburg Ethereum meetup, Alex graduated with BSc Applied Mathematics and Computing Sciences and is a PhD (cand.) Machine Learning. He has 16 scientific publications focussing on natural language recognition and 10 commercially implemented applications to his name. Alex has both shipped product in fintech, banking, and gaming, and is passionate about educating the new generation of blockchain developers.


Ilgiz Gimal


Focus: Product Development, Staging Development, Project Management, Ecosystem Analysis

Experience: VTB Bank • PhD Computer Science & Mathematics

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Fintech professional with 10+ years experience. Prior to joining Akropolis overseed all product development for incubator projects at fintech fund. Earlier worked at Digital Business Development Department at VTB Bank, one of the leading universal banks of Russia. Graduated Lomonosov MSU, PhD in computer Science & Mathematics. Launched several startups from 0, also under management VTB bank integrated and launched digital sales.


Dima Serd


Focus: React, Redux, Saga, UI, UX, Frontend, Visualisation

Experience: BSc Computer Science • 10 commercial implementations • 5 years of Frontend development


Graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic University in Information Systems and Technologies. Participated in development of 8 commercial projects, including those in blockchain sphere. Previously worked as lead front-end developer in the FSD Team (Tomsk). Actively following all last innovations in front-end and near themes.


Andrew Orlov

Software Development

Focus: Rust, Erlang, Elixir, Python, Haskell, WASM, Polkadot/Substrate

Experience: MSc Computer systems, Complexes and Networks


Andrew is a MSc Computer systems, Complexes and Networks. His skills incude Rust, Erlang, Elixir, Python, Haskell, WASM, Polkadot/Substrate. 13+ years of commercial development.


Alex Gnatovskyi

Software Development

Focus: Rust, NodeJs, Python, React, Polkadot/Substrate

Experience: BSc Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies


Alex is a BSc Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies. His skills include Rust, NodeJs, Python, React, Polkadot/Substrate. 2.5+ years of commercial development experience.


María Paula Fernández

External Communications and PR

Focus: Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Events Management, Strategic Communications

Experience: External Relations, Golem Factory • External Relations Officer, Web3 Foundation


María Paula Fernández is a communications strategy specialist, independent researcher and open source non-technical contributor. She works in the Blockchain space, and has consulted or worked for projects such as Polkadot, Gnosis, Melonport, Ethereum Community Fund, and other grassroots and established projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently she heads communications at Golem and advises the Akropolis project. Additionally, she is a co-founder for ETHBerlin and the Department of Decentralization and a product manager of the Görli Testnet.


Yana Mar

Community & Marketing

Focus: Digital Marketing, Project Management, Community

Experience: BSc Economy of Middle East


Yana Marakhonova is a young blockchain and crypto enthusiast. She has been managing different crypto communities for over 2 years now. She has built and implemented different community growth initiatives while working at Cindicator resulting in creation of core circle of supporters and evangelists of the project. Yana has an extraordinary and insightful vision of the community ecosystem. The blockchain people consist of people from all spheres, with different interests and stories behind them. Yana has a B.A. degree in Economy of the Middle East, and fluently in English, French, Arabic and Hebrew. Her scientific and professional interests combined phycology and blockchain, wild nature and communications, literature and fintech.



Bokky Poobah

Blockchain Security Auditor

Focus: Security Audit, Solidity, Software Development, Actuarial Science, Quant Software Development, Cryptoderivatives

Experience: Smart Contract Developer and Auditor

Bokky is a world-renowned blockchain and smart contract security expert, who rescues trapped ETH on a regular basis. Also an active Ethereum community leader, Bokky has been working on the ETH Blockchain since it’s platform launch in 2015. The prospect of transacting monetary value over a trusted Ethereum platform by means of smart contract is what excites him the most. Bokky is also a respected smart contract security auditor, having developed and audited smart contracts for over 20 companies, including Status, Cindicator, Stox and others. Bokky is an Actuary and Quantitative Software Developer with over 28 years of industry experience with expertise in fixed interest & derivatives in risk management and trading systems, and other blockchain technologies.


Peter Robertson

Pension & Insurance Advisor

Focus: Digital Assets, Actuarial Science, Financial Product Design, Pensions, Insurance, Strategy, Business Development

Experience: Genesis Mining • Vanguard Asset Management • Kings College London

Peter is a fellow of the UK actuarial profession with a track record spanning over 30 years in DC pensions, life assurance, and asset management in developed and emerging economies.

He was involved in setting up new businesses in Germany, China and India where he also spent some time as a non-executive director of IDFC (the Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation). He then helped start up Vanguard Investments UK, arguably the most disruptive new venture in European asset management in many years.

Peter has been involved in the pension industry in Europe, Asia, and the USA in various capacities, including designing innovative and low cost solutions for UK DC pension investors, as an administrator of corporate and individual pension plans, and as a pension scheme trustee in the Eurozone and Asia.


Ajit Tripathi

Fintech Advisor

Focus: Financial Infrastructure, Blockchain Architecture, Risk Managment, Investment Banking

Experience: Financial Infrastructure, ConsenSys • Head of Blockchain, PriceWaterCoopers

Ajit is a Partner with ConsenSys in the London Office where he leads the global Financial Markets Infrastructure (FMI) practice. Prior to ConsenSys, Ajit was a Director in PwC’s fintech and digital banking practice and co-founded PwC’s UK blockchain practice. Ajit is a well regarded influencer, thinker, blogger and doer in the fintech and blockchain space. In 2017, he was recognised by Coindesk as one of the key influencers at large enterprises. He has spoken at prominent fintech and blockchain conferences in the US, UK, Dubai, India, Japan and Hong Kong. He’s been featured in the Blockchain Insider and Fintech Insider podcasts, contributed to annual Coindesk retrospectives as well as quoted in the Financial Times, the BBC and a range of other publications. He has served as a mentor at Startup Bootcamp and is currently advising a small number of selected stealth stage startups in fintech and blockchain. Ajit’s previous blockchain engagements include high profile financial services clients such as Bank of England, Nasdaq, Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Boerse and MUFG and he’s been instrumental in advising regulators, board level executives and innovation labs across the world in the strategic implications of cryptocurrency, decentralised, peer to peer architectures. Ajit has a rich and varied background in risk and regulatory change program implementation, capital markets technology, distributed systems and telecom protocol engineering. Prior to PwC he served in technology management and innovation roles at Goldman Sachs, Barclays, GE-GXS and Bell Communications Research.


Laura Toma

Marketing Advisor

Focus: Fundraising, Communication strategies, Negotiations, Token Sale Marketing

Experience: Co-Founder & Head of Operations, Renowned & Co • Codex, Gochain, POA Network advising • BSc Marketing, Academia de Studii Economice din București

Laura has a bachelor degree in Marketing, Communication and PR and more than ten years experience in marketing and business development. As Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Renowned&Co, she has helped many blockchain projects to successfully raise funds.